Nohgaku Workshop for International and Japanese Students 2023

The Center for Japanese Language and Culture, Gifu University Organization for Promotion of Glocalization (GU-GLOCAL) hosted the "Nohgaku Workshop for International and Japanese Students 2023" at the center's Japanese-style tatami-mat room on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

The Center has been hosting the workshop from 2005 by inviting professional Nohgaku actors. On July 5, approximately 50 people attended the workshop which was conducted in its original in-person style after four years' scaled-down workshops due to the coronavirus pandemic. International students who are taking part in the Summer School program at Gifu University from the end of June were also given an opportunity to see Nohgaku performance firsthand.

The following four professional actors were invited to the workshop as instructors. They are: Mr. MIKATA Madoka and Mr. TAMOI Hiromichi who perform Noh drama as main actors called "shite" in Kanze School. Mr. SHIGEYAMA Chuzaburo and Mr. YAMAGUCHI Koudo, both of whom are Kyogen drama performers in Okura School.

The workshop began with "Iwafune (Noh dance in plain clothes), which was followed by the lecture on the history of Nohgaku, differences of masks and movements between Noh and Kyogen, traditional Nohgaku music (demonstration of music instruments and singing), laughers of Kyogen, observation of Kyogen drama, "Neongyoku." Traditional Noh kimono wearing session wrapped up the workshop.

The participants learned the stark differences of masks between Noh and Kyogen describing the same young women, hard kazura (hair attached to a Noh mask) which is made of horse mane or horse tail. They had the chance to see the real items used by actors on stage just before their eyes.

Many positive comments were given from the participants; "Instructors are really kind. Lectures are really educational and informative. I enjoyed the workshop a lot." "I had many questions about Nohgaku. I hope we could have more time to ask questions to the instructors next time."

The GU-GLOCAL will continue to host unique cross-cultural programs for the promotion of university's glocalization.

Masks for Noh and Kyogen
Students listening to the music performance
Wearing Noh kimono
Group photo



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