Vice President (Academic Affairs and Student Support) Awards Ceremony

Gifu University presents an award to the groups and individuals every year to honor their outstanding extracurricular activities.

On Friday, March 10, 2023, the Awards Ceremony was held at the Academic Core on campus where eight groups and ten individuals were presented with the awards from Vice President YAMADA Toshihiro (Academic Affairs and Student Support). "Congratulations on your award. Your campus life is not something like "given" from the university. I hope your initiatives including the extracurricular activities you won the award for today will bear fruit little by little, and build a ground for great success in the future," said Dr. Yamada after the ceremony.

On behalf of the award recipients, Mr. NATSUME Itsuki from the Start-up Club (fourth-year student of the Department of Policy Studies, the Faculty of Regional Studies) stated, "We all feel very grateful for the kind support from the university such as securing places for our practicing. We would like to continue making every effort to meet the expectations of Gifu University."

We continue to provide support for GU students in their extracurricular activities.

Awards Ceremony
Awards Ceremony
団体の部 集合写真
Group photo (group division)
個人の部 集合写真
Group photo (individual division)


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