Report Session: Industry, Academia, Banking Institution and Government Collaboration for Region-Based Human Resource Development Project

Gifu University hosted a "Report Session: Industry, Academia, Banking Institution and Government Collaboration for Region-Based Human Resource Development Project ("Project")" at Gifu University Auditorium on Thursday, February 2, 2023. The session was conducted online and offline and was attended by the Faculty of Engineering students, academic staff of the Center for Collaborative Study with Community (CCSC, Gifu University), and so on. Offline report session resumed after three years' suspension due to the pandemic.

The Project aims to secure, foster highly skilled personnel, and encourage them to settle down in Gifu Prefecture through a strong partnership between Gifu Prefecture, the business community, academia and financial institutions. We are expecting that many talented youths who joined the Project will play a significant role in the revitalization of local economies in the future.

In the Program, the Faculty of Engineering students studying "machinery engineering practice course" were divided into small groups, attended lectures and took part in training programs offered by private enterprises within Gifu. Students who attended a course, "Regional Industry and Business Strategy Introduction: Know more about Gifu Industry" offered by CCSC (as part of Gifu University's "Next Generation Regional Leader Fostering Program") were given an opportunity to interview young employees working for companies in Gifu, and they compiled a report on the companies.

Mr. OKAMOTO Tomohiko, President of NABEYA CO., LTD (Gifu City) who serves as a Project leader gave an opening speech: "In the Project, we expect students will find many attractive, interesting enterprises operating in Gifu. Please work for a better future for our prefecture." Dr. MATSUO Seiichi, Chancellor of Tokai National Higher Education and Research System also commented, "Through the Project, students can observe unique business practices of local industries firsthand. Now, they must have some ideas about how to apply their knowledge to businesses, and what they should learn from now on. I would like to express my deep appreciation for the kind support from local companies for the Program and our students." Lastly, President YOSHIDA Kazuhiro of Gifu University said, "Students learned both the excitement and difficulties of manufacturing businesses, advanced technologies, as well as the warm-heartedness and high motivations of workers in Gifu. I am truly grateful that the companies accepted our students for the Project despite difficulties arising from the Covid restrictions."

After their speeches, a total of 28 student groups made presentations on their activities by showing slides on the screen. Some of the positive feedback from the students include, "The Project provided us with an invaluable opportunity to observe Gifu businesses first hand.

Gifu University continues to develop and secure young talents who are capable of addressing regional issues such as the revitalization of local businesses, and encourage them to settle down in Gifu by implementing the Project being supported by partnership among universities, prefectures, businesses and financial communities.

岡本知彦 会長
Mr. Okamoto
松尾清一 機構長
Dr. Matsuo
吉田和弘 学長
President Yoshida
Students' presentation

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