Lectures to celebrate 20th Anniversary of Wanouchi Town Eco Dome

On Sunday, November 27, 2022, the Center for Collaborative Study with Community (CCSC), Gifu University co-hosted lectures at Wanouchi Culture Hall (Gifu Prefecture) to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Wanouchi Town Eco Dome. Gifu University and Wanouchi Town concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement in 2021.

Approximately 110 people attended the lectures including Wanouchi Town government officials and citizens. They were listening to the history, roles of Eco Dome, etc. from lecturers, and after the lectures, questions were raised about how to reduce waste, etc. from the audience.

Wanouchi Town is one of the first local municipalities in Japan that started "zero waste" campaign. In 2002, Eco Dome, a resource recovery base in Wanouchi Town started its operation where citizens can bring waste to the Dome for recycling purposes. Members of the Dom's operator, "Peoples Community (NPO)" are volunteering to instruct citizens how to recover resources, how to use compost for farming, and sell locally produced vegetables on a pickup truck. In this respect, Eco Dome has already become a community center well-liked by local citizens.

The former mayor of Kamikatsu Town, Tokushima Prefecture, Mr. KASAMATSU Kazuichi was invited as a guest lecturer. He is the first mayor in Japan who declared "Zero Waste" in 2003. He is currently serving as President of Zero Waste Academy (NPO, Kamikatsu Town).

Under the title of "Towards Ultimate Zero Waste Society," Mr. Kasamatsu spoke about the current state of global environment, history of "Zero Waste" declaration and resource recovery activities at Kamikatsu Town as well as some pioneering conservation activities in Austria. He also made zero waste policy proposals deemed necessary in Japan today.

His speech was followed by a speech of Ms. YASUDA Yumiko, President of Peoples Community who talked about 20-year history of their activities and efforts for zero waste by the citizens of Wanouchi Town. Lastly, Assistant Professor ITO Kouji from CCSC announced commitments for zero waste for the next 20 years.

Since April 2022, Gifu University is commissioned from Wanouchi Town to accelerate creation of "Zero Carbon City" in the town and develop environmental experts, and the university already hosted multiple workshops for junior high school students and citizens in Wanouchi Town.

Under the strong partnership, we continue to collaborate for the realization of "Zero Carbon City" in Wanouchi Town.

Scene of the lecture

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