Director of Personnel Division, Gifu Prefectural Board of Education gives a lecture for students of Graduate School of Education

On Monday, November 14, 2022, Mr. NAKAMURA Yuuki, Director of Personnel Division, Gifu Prefectural Board of Education was invited to give a lecture to the students who are studying the School Administrators Prepare Course, Teacher Education Course (Professional Degree Program), Graduate School of Education, Gifu University. He spoke about the roles of school administrators from the perspectives of personnel management for the class, "Theory and Practice of Educational Policies."

We believe that it is imperative for us to jointly develop school administrators with schools and board of education, and when we shared our missions with Mr. Nakamura who was assigned to be the Director of Personnel Division, Gifu Prefectural Board of Education last year, she agreed with giving a lecture at Gifu University.

In his lecture, Mr. Nakamura first spoke about the differences in work responsibilities among school administrators, differences in work assignments between school principals and assistant principals from the viewpoint of "academic staff" and "public servants." He underscored the importance of "from zero to plus" for better school education rather than "from minus to zero" to stop problem from happening. He introduced his own experiences of personnel management, development of human resources and prevention of misconducts, often referred to the fields of study of education, business administration and educational administration. Students were given an opportunity to listen to the up-to-the-minute, very informative lecture from Mr. Nakamura.

In the second half of the lecture, Mr. Nakamura and academic staff exchanged opinions, fielded questions from the students, and wrapped up the class by summarizing ideal school administration and administrators.

The following are the comments made by the students after class:

  • - We tend to prioritize providing "better education" for students, but his lecture made us realize that we have to be both an "educator" and "public servant" while working for a public school.
  • - We regularly hold a seminar on "prevention of misconducts" at school, but in reality, misconducts are happening one after another. "Psychological stability" that Mr. Nakamura mentioned in his lecture gave us some clues in finding solutions to school problems as a school administrator, I would like to create an environment where young workers can feel relaxed and senior workers can have a sense of motivation through casual conversations and friendship among workers.
  • - As an administrator, I would like to find strong points of individual workers and assign the work to them based on their strengths. I believe such an approach can enhance the skills of individual workers.
  • - When I heard from Mr. Nakamura about the necessity of giving thoughts to a sense of values, ways of thinking of individual workers of all ages for a real reform of workstyle, I instantly realized that it was the idea I needed most. I now understand that a school administrator is asked to put themselves in the shoes of school staff and students all the time to reach our goals of better school operation.

(School administrators are also studying for "Professional Degree Program")

We truly appreciate Mr. Nakamura for giving the students an opportunity to think things through and develop their understanding about future school administration.

Scene of the lecture


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