GU Booth Exhibition at "Kasamatsu Town Riverside Carnival 2022"

Gifu University set up the university booth at "Kasamatsu Town Riverside Carnival 2022" held on Sunday, October 23, 2022. Kasamatsu Town (Gifu Prefecture) and Gifu University concluded the comprehensive partnership in 2017, and under this partnership, GU was invited to open the booth at the carnival.

The main theme of the carnival is the promotion of residents' community building with the Kiso River bed with a focus. Local businesses, civic organizations, etc. also set up their booths to introduce their products/services and activities. In addition, "CasaMarche" hosted by the Kasamatsu Town Promotion Association drew a large crowd. People enjoyed eating local delicacies, shopping and joined workshops opened to people at "CasaMarche."

At GU booth, posters introducing activities of the Center for Collaborative Study with Community (CCSC, Gifu University) were on display. GU staff were distributing the university's admission information pamphlets, handout about "Fostering Next-Generation Regional Leaders" programs of CCSC, and "Chiikishikougaku (region-centered) Study Vol.6" also issued by CCSC to visitors. In addition, people were welcome to join a paper crafting workshop at the booth. Many children and parents enjoyed creating various polyhedral forms with the help of GU staff. Approximately 50 people came to the GU booth who spent time to see the posters or participated in the workshop.

In collaboration with municipal governments within Gifu Prefecture, CCSC continues to actively engage in its "Outreach" activities to reach out to people in the community while communicating university information to the public through hosting exhibitions and conducting PR activities.

GU booth
Participants creating a polyhedral form
Paper crafting workshop


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