"Sakura Mitsu Exhibition: Space Philosophy" kicks off

A reception event, "Getsumen (lunar surface) Tea Ceremony" was held at the Sugiyamas' house in Kasamatsu Town, Gifu Prefecture on Saturday, October 22, 2022 to celebrate the opening of "Sakura Mitsu Exhibition: Space Philosophy*" which is now open to the public at Rekishi Mirai (history and future) Hall in Kasamatu Town.

The exhibition is jointly hosted by Kasamatsu and Ginan towns (in Gifu) as part of two towns' partnership programs. It is also supported by Professor NOMURA Yukihiro from the Faculty of Education, Gifu University as collaboration projects between government and academia. Works created by Professor Nomura and students of the Faculty of Education are also on display at the exhibition.

On behalf of President of Gifu University, Director MASUKAWA Koichi of the Center for Collaborative Study with Community, Gifu University attended the reception. Other attendees include mayors of the two towns, speakers of town assemblies, head of board of education, Gifu Prefectural Assembly members, Professor Nomura, Mr. MINOURA who owns "Kasamatsu meteorite**," and Professor Emeritus SHINOHARA Motoaki from Kyoto University who is a long-term friend of Mr. Sakura. At the reception, people enjoyed having green tea served by tea bowls specially made for the reception.

The exhibition is open to the public by Sunday, December 18, 2022 at Rekishi Mirai Hall in Kasamatsu Town.

*Space Philosophy: English name tentative

**Kasamatsu meteorite: meteorite which went through the roof of Minoura's house in 1938

Mr. Sakura greeting to the attendees 
(Sakura's works and Kasamatsu meteorite are on display)


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