Open Lecture by the Faculty of Education

Feel how high Akamatsu jumps!!
Akamatsu jumped over the children lining up side by side

The Faculty of Education hosted an open lecture titled, "Let's Share the Excitements with World-Class Athletes" on Monday, October 10, 2022.

Mr. AKAMATSU Ryoichi who took part in the "Preliminary Competition in 2022 World Athletics Championships" was invited as a special guest for the lecture. Under his instructions, elementary school children from 4th grade to 6th grade practiced "Running," "Jumping," etc. In a lecture session, children studied mathematics and science as well as how practical training is provided by instructors, etc. and developed their understanding of individual performances from different points of view. The lecture opened at Gifu University's gymnasium due to the rain, and was attended approximately 30 elementary school children in Gifu Prefecture.

Back dive!!
Children and their guardians
cheering Akamatsu's high-jump demonstration

Children expressed a great joy over playing with such a great athlete as Akamatsu, and one of them said, "It was quite an experience for me to be instructed how to jump or run directly from Akamatsu. Joining the lecture helped me release some stress caused by the prolonged pandemic." In the gymnasium, booths were also available for children where they can measure their jumps, and where they can feel and grasp how fast Usain St. Leo Bolt was (Usain Bolt is considered one of the greatest sprinters of all time). The open lecture offered children a great opportunity to study more about track and field competitions from different perspectives.

After the lecture, Mr. Akamatsu made the following comment; "I had a wonderful time with the children while watching their performances improved significantly. I feel happy if this open lecture could raise children's interests in track and field competitions including high jumps in the future." Assistant Professor HAYASHI Ryohei (Faculty of Education) also noted that children became interested in the performances of world-class athletes and expressed his hopes that they will apply what they have learned from the open lecture at various occasions and their studies at school.

Akamatsu giving instruction to a student
Measure jump performances
Lecture by Assistant Professor Hayashi


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