Presentations by Students studying "Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course 2022"

On Sunday, August 7, 2022, the Center for Japanese Language and Culture, Gifu University held a presentation session (a hybrid presentation between in-person and online) for the students who have completed the "Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course 2022." Approximately 30 people from on and off campus attended for the speeches given by three international students (the 21st batch of students (from China, Thailand and Vietnam) of the Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course).

International students who are enrolled in the course study Japanese language and Japanese culture at Gifu University from October to August the following year as state-funded students recommended by embassies and their home universities, or as exchange students from Gifu University's oversea partner universities. At the end of the course, students write theses on the themes they choose guided by their supervisors and Japanese tutors (Gifu University students).

Some of the students finally arrived in Japan in late March 2022 due to the still-raging COVID-19 pandemic. Despite many challenges including their shortened period of life in Japan, all students did their best in researching, analyzing and completing their presentations concerning the similarities and differences between Japan and their home countries from their unique perspectives.

In the presentations, three students demonstrated their excellent Japanese skills while showing slides to the audience. They also looked pleased to field questions raised by the audience during Q & A session, and active exchange between speakers and audience continued for some time.

The students will attend a course completion ceremony scheduled on Thursday, August 25. After returning to their countries, they resume their studies in their home universities. Some of those who had completed the course returned to Japan to continue their studies at graduate schools in Gifu University or other universities, or to work in Japan. We look forward to seeing the 21st batch of students again soon in Japan, wishing them the very best for the future.

The followings are the names of three students and their speech themes (in the order of presentations):

- Mr. GUO YUHANG (China) "My observation on breakfast special in Gifu"

- Mr. NGUYEN HUU THAI SAN (Vietnam) "Karaoke and Human Relationship: whom we go with, or go alone"

- Ms. CHATAWETEE RAMITA (Thailand) "Mouth-related Proverbs: discoveries made from the comparison between Japanese and Thai proverbs"

Mr. GUO YUHANG making his presentation
Mr. NGUYEN HUU THAI SAN making his presentation
Ms. CHATAWETEE RAMITA making her presentation
Group photo


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