Meeting with Senior High School Principals 2022

Gifu University hosted "Meeting with Senior High School Principals 2022" on Monday, July 25, 2022. Started in 2006, this annual meeting serves as an important venue for opinion-exchange and promotion of mutual understanding between Gifu University and senior high schools in Gifu Prefecture.

On July 25, fourteen principals represented by Mr. Tatsuya Ishida, Chairperson of Gifu Prefecture Senior High School Principal Association (principal of Gifu High School) attended the meeting. Sixteen university members of the board including President Kazuhiro Yoshida and Dr. Toshihiro Yamada (Vice President (Academic Affairs and Student Support), also serving as Director-General of the Organization for Promotion of Higher Education and Student Support (ORPHESS)), and the university staff welcomed them on campus.

In the meeting, President Yoshida first spoke about the policies and missions of Tokai National Higher Education and Research System (THERS) and Gifu University, which was followed by a speech of Mr. Ishida about a new government curriculum guideline for senior high schools.

Professor Mamoru Koketsu, Director of Liberal Arts Education Center of ORPHESS offered explanations on newly launched and revised (in 2022) mathematical and data science, artificial intelligence (AI) of zenkyo campus-wide education, business literacy and overview of university curriculum, as well as partnership with Nagoya University. Later, with Professor Yosuke Matsunaga, Director of Admission Center (ORPHESS) as facilitator, participants exchanged opinions about special features of educational programs each faculty and school of Gifu University provides, partnership between senior high schools and the university, and regional collaboration. Many opinions were expressed from the Association members including high expectations for Gifu University in providing quality education for students. Participants also confirmed a challenge ahead in screening examinees for admission to universities from 2025 onwards who study under the new government curriculum guideline.

After the meeting, the Association members were invited to join a campus tour for a greenhouse with computer-automated environmental control now under operation at Gifu Field Science Center, Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences. This greenhouse is capable of growing plants under properly controlled environment through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems.

"Meeting with Senior High School Principals 2022" became another important milestone for Gifu University and senior high schools in forging a stronger tie with one another.

President Yoshida giving a speech
Mr. Ishida giving a speech
Meeting between principals and university staff
Greenhouse with computer-automated environmental control
Gifu Field Science Center, Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences


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