Nohgaku Workshop for Japanese & International Students 2022

The Center for Japanese Language and Culture (CJLC), Gifu University Organization for Promotion of Glocalization (GU-GLOCAL) hosted "Nohgaku (Noh and Kyogen) Workshop for Japanese & International Students 2022" (both face-to-face and online) at a tatami-mat room of CJLC on Wednesday, July 27, 2022.

CJLC has been hosting Nohgaku workshops since 2005 under instructions from professional Nohgaku actors. In 2020 after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, "Workshop 2020" was conducted only in the form of recorded video viewing. In 2021, students joined online "Workshop 2021" through video-sharing platform to ensure the safety of students and staff from infections. "Hybrid" platform between face-to-face and online was used for the first time in "Workshop 2022," which was attended by approximately 40 people.

Four professional actors of Noh and Kyogen were invited to "Workshop 2022" as special guests: they are: Mr. Madoka Mikata and Mr. Hiromichi Tamoi, who perform Noh as main actors called "shite" in Kanze School, and Mr. Chuzaburo Shigeyama and Mr. Shinji Kosahira both of whom are Kyogen performers in Okura School.

Their exquisite performances unfolded before the eyes of viewers in rapid succession which include shimai* performance of "Iwafune," history of Nohgaku, different moves and different masks used by Noh and Kyogen actors, traditional music instruments and singing, Kyogen's big crying and laughter, "Neongyoku" performance, and kimono-wearing for Noh stage. Thanks to enormous efforts by the instructors, participants both on and offline fully enjoyed the real dynamics of Nohgaku performances.

"Workshop 2022" was presented through a completely new platform for future co-existence with Covid. In this respect, it also posed a challenge to all concerned and made us think how to offer online participants "realism" of a live performance while taking advantage of technological innovations. We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the four instructors for their great enthusiasms and efforts to make one of CJLC's most representative, traditional workshops a huge success in spite of continued infections.

GU-GLOCAL stays committed to offer international students a variety of events, workshops, etc., so that they can immerse themselves in culture and traditions truly inherent to Japan and Japanese people for generations. *shimai: Noh dance in plain clothes

masks for Noh and Kyogen
Kimono-wearing for Noh
On and offline participants
Group photo


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