GU team won Gold Prize and Industrial Design Award at "The 14th Die and Mold Student Contest

Gifu University student team won Gold Prize and Industrial Design Award at "The 14th Die and Mold Student Contest" hosted by Japan Die & Mold Industry Association. GU team won the prize and award at the press mold category.

In this competition, students display dies, molds and molded samples of their own making and explain the details from designing, processing to formation of dies and molds to a panel of judges, visitors, etc. Since their exhibition booths were set up within "Intermold 2022" site (INTEX Osaka (Osaka Prefecture)) from April 20 to 23, 2022, company officials, businesspeople, etc. were free to visit their booths and held talks with the students. In this sense, the competition is becoming an important venue for students, companies, engineers to discuss various issues arising from manufacturing businesses and technologies.

Members of the winning team and their supervisors reported their achievement to President Kazuhiro Yoshida in the Office of the President on Thursday, May 19. In the meeting, members spoke about the enormous difficulties they underwent before they came up with unique mold structure and succeeded in creating a new type of mold. President Yoshida praised their great achievement and said, "Manufacturing is Gifu University's area of specialty and your victory is truly the pride for all of us. I highly admire the great efforts of students and strong support of supervisors. I hope that GU's die and mold creation technique continues to be handed down to GU students."

Meeting with the President
Group photo
Products created by the mold


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