Center for Collaborative Study with Community Symposium AY 2021

On March 23, 2022, "Center for Collaborative Study with Community (CCSC) Symposium AY 2021" was held at Gifu University auditorium under the theme, "Explore Future with the Community." The symposium was attended by approximately 100 people including Gifu University students, staff and presenters as well as virtual audiences while being livestreamed.

The first session began with the Certificate of Completion Award Ceremony conducted for the participants of "Next Generations Community Leaders Training Program." Thirty-three students who have completed the Program received their certificates. In addition, 30 students were granted the title of "Student Coordinator" and 14 students were conferred the "Gifu Next Generations Community Leader" title respectively. President Hisataka Moriwaki of Gifu University handed the certificates to the students representing the Program participants with words of encouragement wishing for the best in their roles in the community.

In the second session, Associate Professor Terumi Tanaka from the Department of Regional Community Political Science, the University of Shimane gave an online speech titled, "Open up regional possibilities by "Kankei jinko" (people who have strong bonds with communities)" and spoke about the concept of "Kankei jinko," some pointers for building good relationship with the community. After her speech, she fielded questions from the audiences on and off line.

Next, CCSC Assistant Director Atsushi Iwasawa introduced CCSC activities which was followed by a reporting session by the students who completed the Programs (namely, "Regional Leader Course (Kaizu City Team and Yaotsu Town Team)" and "Education Leader Course"). Lastly, two regional coordinators from Mizunami City and Minokamo City (both in Gifu Prefecture), Mr. Nakaosa and Mr. Takeichi introduced their activities as regional coordinators.

The symposium offered an opportunity to students who have completed the Program and those who were granted the titles to present their achievements. It also offered them a chance to learn more about various research initiatives, regional dynamics which help them gain some insights into the fields they are not always familiar with.

The CCSC symposium AY 2022 is already scheduled to continue publicizing Gifu University's future goals and commitments to the public.

Certificate of completion award ceremony 
Commemorative photo
Associate Professor Tanaka's special lecture (online)
Student's presentation (Regional Leader Course)


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