Opening of Gifu-prefecture Wildlife Management Promotion Center

The Gifu-prefecture Wildlife Management Promotion Center was established within Gifu University as a think tank for joint management of wild animals between Gifu Prefecture and Gifu University. Members of the Center will carry out a wide range of programs to minimize damages caused by wild animals, find solutions to community challenges and contribute to the creation of society of fulfillment with an emphasis on conservation of biodiversity.

On Friday, April 1, 2022, the opening ceremony began with the speeches by Professor Tohru Mitsunaga, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, and Mr. Watanabe from Environment and Life Division, Gifu Prefectural Government. It was followed by the summary of the Center by Professor Masatsugu Suzuki from the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences (Director of the Center). In his speech, he expressed his strong wishes for human resource development, education and promotion of public awareness about wild animal management.

Representatives from Gifu Prefecture and Gifu University later installed the new name plate together in front of the laboratory of the Center.

Professor Mitsunaga (right) and Mr. Watanabe


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