Gifu University Future Forum opened

On Monday, March 28, 2022, Gifu University hosted "Gifu University Future Forum" on campus for senior high school students. A total of 15 high school students inside and outside of Gifu Prefecture attended.

The Forum was organized and hosted by G-amet (environment conservation club at Gifu University) and supported by the Environmental Affairs Office. It aims to convey attractions and unique features of Gifu University to high school students by providing them various environmental-related workshops on campus. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, fewer students are allowed to visit the campus, and the Forum on March 28 offered the participants an invaluable opportunity to develop their understanding of a wide-ranging environmental issues firsthand.

In the workshop, students in five groups visited the Archive Core where the university's important academic assets are stored, and a plant sample warehouse. Next, they observed the ecosystems at Bangaike Pond. They also studied about species by actually touching plant samples, animal furs, etc. on display. All students looked excited about every activity in the workshop and actively exchanged their opinions with teaching staff and university students.

The following are the comments made by the participants after the workshop: "I had a fulfilling day today. Participation in the workshop was a real eye-opener for me." "I felt frustrated not able to join any campus events for months, but the workshop finally gave me some insights about Gifu University. I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend the workshop."

Gifu University continues to make its environmental activities open to public and inspire people to actively engage in environment protection activities in the days to come.

Challenge to identify species
Investigate waterside ecosystems
Visit the Archive Core
Discussions for environmental education


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