Guangxi University - Gifu University The 2nd Joint Research Symposium

On Saturday, October 23, 2021, "Guangxi University - Gifu University The 2nd Joint Research Symposium" was held online.

Starting in 2019 at Guangxi University, China, this joint research symposium aims to promote academic exchange between Gifu University and Guangxi University. In the 2nd symposium, a total of six professors from both universities made their presentations, which were followed by a study abroad information session and an opinion exchange meeting.

Professor Tohru Mitsunaga from the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu University delivered an opening speech and three professors (Associate Professor Akihiro Imamura, Professor Kunio Yamada and Associate Professor Takeo Onishi) made presentations on their research. In addition, six professors and five students attended on-and-offline (offline venue: Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences building), more than 200 people attended from Guangxi University. After presentations, information about double-degree programs (DDP, master's) was given to the participants. Later one DDP student reported his experience of studying at Gifu University. During the Q&A sessions, participants from Guangxi University asked many questions/made comments on DDP, which heightened students' interest in studying abroad in the near future.

The 2nd symposium was held online because of border restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, but it provided a rare opportunity for students to gain insights into academic activities of both universities and student exchanges. We would like to extend our deep appreciation to the people of Guangxi University for their kind support and contribution to the success of the 2nd symposium. We will continue to hold international conferences for exchange with our overseas partner universities in the years to come.

Opening speech by Professor Mitsunaga
Presentation by a professor from
the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences
Screen of online participants
Students at Guangxi University


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