Second Press Conference by President AY 2021

Gifu University held the "Second Press Conference by President AY 2021" on Thursday, October 7, 2021.

Firstly, Hisataka Moriwaki spoke about "Gifu University's Entrepreneurship Programs and Students Business Ventures." In his speech, President Moriwaki detailed "TOKAI-PRACTISS (TOKAI Project to Renovate Area Chubu into Tech Innovation Smart Society)" and its relations with the "Regional Development Vision 2030."

His speech was followed by a presentation of Associate Professor Masayuki Uehara, Vice Director of Academic Research and Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration. He introduced the university's unique entrepreneur support system whose great success is represented by a newly launched venture firm called "FiberCraze" which was founded by Mr. Shunya Chosokabe (2nd year of master program, Department of Materials Science and Procession, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Gifu University).

Gifu University has been strongly supporting and promoting "venture businesses born out of GU" and "education for future entrepreneurs" with the view to making Gifu Prefecture and beyond (including an expansive Tokai Region) a hub of entrepreneurship. We believe that such endeavors will lead to a robust economic revitalization and creation of new businesses in the region.

We are offering systemic, three-stage entrepreneurship programs to our students, namely, "entrepreneurship education," "support for venture businesses born out of GU," and "support for growth." Furthermore, we are striving to create an ideal environment where entrepreneurs can play an active role both on and off campus. In his presentation, Dr. Uehara made the following comment in hopes of continued expansion of entrepreneurship programs: "Our systemic entrepreneurship programs have been incentivizing GU students to create new businesses on the strength of GU's research and academic resources. With the latest successful launching of a venture firm as a role model, we would like to continue to assist students' startup businesses which may have great potentials to impact our society."

Mr. Chosokabe founded "FiberCraze" on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 (Mr. Chosokabe is currently the president of "FiberCraze"). The company is producing unique products utilizing the technology called "crazing" for inserting functionalized molecules into fibers. This pioneering technology originates from the research results and achievements attained by Gifu University.

Mr. Chosokabe became interested in starting his own business after he attended the entrepreneurship programs and applied to the university's entrepreneur support programs. He said that his goal is to create an infrastructure to develop new, multifunctional materials which may bring real benefits to business communities and lives of people.

Gifu University continues to encourage students to pursue and explore the joy of starting new businesses and stay committed to revitalizing local economies by creating entrepreneur-friendly business environment in the future.

President Moriwaki making his presentation
Dr. Uehara making his presentation
Mr. Chosokabe is giving a speech
工学部 武野教授(右)と長曽我部さん
Professor Akiyoshi Takeno, Faculty of Engineering (right)
and Mr. Chosokabe


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