Press Release by Gifu Prefecture Center for Climate Change Adaptation

Gifu Prefecture Center for Climate Change Adaptation was jointly established by Gifu Prefecture and Gifu University in April, 2020. On Friday, October 8, 2021, members of the center announced four joint research results at Gifu Prefectural Government Press Club. The four joint research programs between the two institutions were implemented in AY 2020.

The following are the themes of joint research programs:

1. Assessments of global warming impacts on persimmon cultivation and mapping of subtropical fruit tree cultivability

2. Snow and wind damage potential assessment for mountainous forests and greenhouses

3. Future forecast of disaster-exposed population and local evacuation against fluvial floods and landslides

4. Global warming strengthens typhoons and torrential rains which may hit Gifu Prefecture

All research results are posted at Gifu Prefecture website. You can also access YouTube of the Regional Adaptation Research Center, Gifu University for the details of press release.


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