Presentations by Students studying "Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course 2021"

On Sunday, August 1, 2021, the Center for Japanese Language and Culture, Gifu University held an online presentation session for the students who have completed the "Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course 2021." Approximately 40 people from on and off campus attended to listen to the speeches given by three international students (the 20th group of students (from Thailand and Vietnam) of the Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course).

International students who are enrolled in the course study Japanese language and culture at Gifu University from October to August the following year as state-funded students recommended by embassies, their home universities and Gifu University, or as exchange students from Gifu University's oversea partner universities. At the end of the course, students write theses on the themes they choose guided by their supervisors and Japanese tutors (Gifu University students).

It was at the end of December, 2020 that the 20th group of students finally arrived in Japan. The persistent pandemic forced them to attend online classes for three months in their home countries. Even after they started a new life in Japan, they were still deprived of opportunities for cultural experiences, extracurricular activities off campus, etc. Despite such a great disadvantage, all students did their best in their studies on campus, and finished writing their theses.

In the presentations, while showing slides, the students spoke about their views on some social issues in Japan, Gifu's local dialect and Japanese literature, etc. When their presentations were over, students looked pleased to field questions raised by the viewers. Active online exchanges between the students and viewers reminded us that a physical distance does not discourage people from forming a strong tie with one another.

The students will attend a course completion ceremony scheduled on Tuesday, August 24. After returning to their countries, they resume their studies in their home universities. Some of those who had completed the course returned to Japan to continue their studies at graduate schools in Gifu University or other universities, or to work in Japan. We look forward to seeing the 20th students again soon in Japan, wishing them the very best for the future.

The followings are the names of the students and their speech themes (in the order of presentations):

- Ms. HO THI PHUONG DUNG (Vietnam) "Lonely Death Seen from Culture of Shame"

- Ms. CHIRAPHATPHOKIN THANYAPHO (Thailand) "Stereotype of Local Dialect: Examine Gifu Dialect from Media Works set in Gifu"

- Ms. BUNMAK SASIWIMOL (Thailand) "Wind Described in Modern Sports Novel: "Wind Blowing Strongly" and "Become a Fleeting Wind" as an Example"

Presentation about Lonely Death
Presentation about Gifu Dialect
Presentation about "Wind" in Modern Sports Novel
Group photo after the presentations


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