Cleaning of Maruike Pond

On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, a total of 21 university students and staff were engaged in a cleaning of Maruike Pond, one of the iconic university symbols on campus after a two-year break. They were the members of G-amet (a club engaged in conservation), students from Professor Takahiko Mukai's Lab of the Faculty of Regional Studies, and staff from the Facilities Management Division.

At the outset, they drained water by a pump and caught aquatic organisms with nets. They included Japanese rice fish (Oryzias latipes) and freshwater gobies (Rhinogobius), etc. often found in rivers near the campus. Professor Mukai later delivered a short lecture on fish species and conservation of ecosystems for the participants who share the same interest in protection of environment.

When the participants removed overgrown algae and fallen leaves from the bottom and the rim of the pond with scrubbing blushes, the pond soon restored its original state being filled with clean water.

They also cleaned up the tiles adjacent to the pond and benches placed nearby. After the cleaning, we found students enjoying having lunch while sitting on the benches.

It is our hope that the Maruike Pond remains to be the place of rest and relaxation and is loved by many students and staff alike in the years to come.

Before and after of cleaning
Catching aquatic organisms
Creatures caught
Professor Mukai's lecture
Cleaning of the bottom of pond


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