Online 2021 Summer School (Inbound) Opens

Gifu University Organization for Promotion of Globalization (GU-GLOCAL) kicked off "Online 2021 Summer School (Inbound)" on Wednesday, June 23, 2021. A total of five students from Gifu University's overseas partner universities (Northern Kentucky University, (USA) and the National University of Malaysia, (UKM, Malaysia)) are participating in the program. They attend online Japanese classes for two weeks by Wednesday, July 7, 2021.

This Summer School program (inbound) is a short-term study abroad program which opens every year for international students coming from Gifu University's partner universities. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, the 2020 program was cancelled. The 33rd Summer School program in 2021 offers students online classes for the first time since the program started.

Students not only study Japanese, but also learn how to communicate with Gifu University students in Japanese while joining experience-oriented cultural events and activities. In addition, thanks to the kind cooperation from the Gujo Hachiman International Friendship Association (GIFA), they can interact with the pupils of Aioi Elementary School (Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture), enjoy historical townscapes in Gujo City, observe famous Gujo Dancing and appreciate traditional craftwork which is unique to the city via digital platform.

On Wednesday, June 23, students attended an opening ceremony and orientation, which were followed by campus overview given by Gifu University students from four different faculties. On the first day of the program, students looked a little nervous, but became relaxed little by little by conversing with Gifu University students. They soon engaged in casual talks with the university students in Japanese mixed with English words.

The period of this 33rd Summer School program is two weeks which is rather short than previous years, but we sincerely hope that the participants can foster a strong friendship with one another by taking full advantage of the digital platform which enables people to meet others around the world anytime.

Campus overview
Commemorative photo of opening ceremony
Closing of campus overview


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