Gifu University Loan for "e-Learning"

 Gifu University offers students a loan for "e-Learning" from the Gifu University Fund for students to have access to the Internet or to use computers for their attendance of e-Learning.

 The following are application details in AY 2021.

Eligible Students

 Regular undergraduate students, students of the School of Social System Management and graduate students of Gifu University as of May 1, 2021

Items Covered by the Loan

 The following items can be purchased by the loan (purchasing more than one item is also possible).

  • - Computers (including laptop and tablet computers)
  • - Wireless router (for purchasing)
  • - Other equipment necessary for e-Learning such as webcam, headsets, their shipping costs and other expenses pertaining to purchasing the above items.

Amount of Loan

 A maximum of 150,000 JPY per student

Number of Students who can Receive the Loan

 A maximum of 40 students (first-come, first-served basis)


 Students are required to repay the same amount of loan they received within one year from the day of their receiving the loan.

Repayment Exemption

 Undergraduate students and students of the School of Social System Management who obtained GPA 3.2 or more for Zenkiyo courses (general education courses) in the first semester in 2021 are exempted from their repayment.
 Please note that no such repayment exemption is applied to graduate students.

Application Period

 From Monday, May 17, 2021 through Friday, June 18, 2021

Application Method

  1. Select the item(s).
  2. Send completed application forms by post to the address shown below.
    *Please download the two forms by clicking "Related files" at the bottom. Students are asked to submit additional papers besides the forms.
  3. Notifications approving the loan are sent to individual students.
  4. Money is transferred by the university to the bank accounts designated by students.
    *After issuing a notification, it may take a maximum of 18 days before bank transfer is completed.
  5. Purchase the item(s).
  6. After purchasing, submit all necessary documents (copies of a "statement of delivery," "invoice" and a photo (data) showing both the item(s) and student ID card) to the university.
  7. Gifu University sends students "bank transfer form" with an entry of the same amount of loan that students received.
    *If a student is acknowledged as a student with excellent academic record by the university, he/she will not receive a bank transform form.
  8. Make a repayment by bank transfer form.

Number of Students who Received Loan and Total Amount of Loan AY 2020

 Number of Students: 14 (of them nine were exempted from repayment)
 Total Amount of Loan: 1,339,626 JPY


  Student Affairs Division, Student Affairs Department, Gifu University

  Postal Address: Loan Section, Student Affairs Division, Student Affairs Department, Gifu University 1-1, Yanagido Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture 501-1193, Japan


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