Symposium AY 2020: Center for Collaborative Study with Community

On Tuesday, March 23, 2021, the Center for Collaborative Study with Community, Gifu University hosted "Symposium AY 2020" with a title, "Towards Region-Centered University." Students and university staff attended the symposium at the University Auditorium, and the rest of the audience joined online (a total of 80 participated).

In the first half of the symposium, an awarding ceremony was held for those who completed their studies of "Next-Generation Regional Leader Fostering Program" offered by the Center for Collaborative Study with Community.

Of those who were awarded, 36 students completed the program, and 36 students were conferred a title, "Student Coordinator." To obtain this title, students need to submit reports after their completion of the program. In addition, four were conferred a title, "Gifu Next-Generation Regional Leader" who joined collaborative programs with the Center or the university faculties. This "Gifu Next-Generation Regional Leader" is an ultimate title given to those who took part in all necessary activities the program requires. In the ceremony, President Hisataka Moriwaki handed diplomas to participant representatives one by one.

In the second half of the symposium, a special guest from TANOKIVA Co.,Ltd, Ms. Toshie Murayama (Gifu University alumni) delivered a speech titled, "Assets if you know, Talent if you do not know." Her speech was followed by "Activity Reports" by participants, presentation by Mr. Naoki Adachi (a regional coordinator in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture).

Professor Hiroyuki Muraoka from the River Basin Research Center, Gifu University also gave his address about global environment research activities by the River Basin Research Center and Takayama Field Station*, and collaboration between the two facilities.

Mr. Yoshihiko Narihara, Coordinator of Gifu COC +** Project Promotion Consortium (Vice Mayor of Hashima City, Gifu Prefecture) wrapped up the symposium by giving his views on regional leader fostering program and student activities.

Participants were given an opportunity to introduce their activities and to gain some insights into wide-ranging activities conducted by research institutions, by local communities and businesses.

Hosting of AY2021 symposium is already scheduled by the Center for Collaborative Study with Community in hopes that it will become another occasion to widely publicize activities of Gifu University for people in Japan and abroad.

Takayama Field Station*: a facility belonging to the River Basin Research Center

COC+** (Center of Community Program for Local Revitalization) projects: projects of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Their objectives include assembling people together to regions for revitalization by: - offering attractive job opportunities to students in collaboration with universities, local governments and businesses and, - supporting university's curriculum reform efforts necessary to cultivate personnel sought by regions.

Awarding Ceremony
Student presentation (Industrial Leader Course)
(株)タノキバ 村山氏の特別講演
Ms. Murakami giving her address
Commemorative photo


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