Collaborative Video Making Program 2020 Final Competition held

On Tuesday, March 9, 2021, Gifu University held "Collaborative Video Making Program (CVMP) 2020 Final Competition" online together with Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG, India), and the National University of Malaysia (UKM, Malaysia). IITG and UKM are GU's Joint Degree Program (JDP) partner universities overseas.

In a newly launched "Collaborative Video Making Program (CVMP) 2020," members of four groups which were made up of students from three universities, worked together to create videos for three months from December 2020 through March 2021. Students of these four groups are from Gifu University (eight students), IITG (four students), and UKM (four students).

Under instructions of professionals from a production agency in Australia (such as how to capture clear images, etc. via smartphones,) each group members worked very hard to produce attractive videos so that viewers could make new discoveries about their respective universities from viewpoints of international exchange in the post-covid world.

In CVMP Final Competition, four groups competed with one another over their video works. A total of 65 people including special judges were closely watching the videos for evaluation. These special judges were; President Hisataka Moriwaki, Professor Yoshihiko Uematsu, Executive Director of GU-GLOCAL from Gifu University, Dr. Mihir Kumar Purkait, Dean of Alumni & External Relations (IITG), Prof. Dato' Dr. Imran Ho Abdullah, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Industry, Alumni & Community Partnerships of UKM, and Mr. Yasuo Taniguchi, CEO of Long Term Industrial Development Co.Ltd.

After scoring by judges and voting from the audience, the highest award went to the Group 4's video titled, "Happiness is our choice." Members of the group were presented the "Best CVMP Award" and small gifts. Please access GU-GLOCAL Channel to see the videos. We sincerely hope that they could encourage and motivate students to increase their interests in international exchange and studying abroad in the future.

Group photo
Students' presentation


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