The 5th Seminar for River Basin Studies opened

The River Basin Research Center, Gifu University hosted the 5th Seminar for River Basin Studies on Tuesday, March 9, 2021. Due to concerns over COVID-19 infections, most of the participants attended the seminar online. A total of 54 took part in the seminar (including nine participants outside of campus, four GU international students).

The River Basin Research Center has been conducting research on "river basin sciences" and "applied science for river basin conservation and management" for sustainable and practical use of natural resources. To achieve this goal, the center has been receiving strong support from a network of universities, colleges, observation and research institutions, etc., and analyzing the state of river basin environment, being involved in its management and support, and looking into possible change factors in the environment. The major objectives of the 5th seminar were: to review past joint research and individual research programs/projects, and to discuss how to develop "river basin sciences" and "river basin conservation sciences" in the years to come.

The seminar opened with speeches by President Hisataka Moriwaki and Professor Li Fusheng, Director of the center. It was followed by a commemorative lecture by Professor Koji Kageyama who leaves the university in March. Professor Kageyama delivered a speech titled, "Over 40 Years with Oomycetes."

After Professor Kageyama's speech, 22 research presentations were made by the teaching staff of the center (including visiting professors and specially appointed professors). In the following discussion session, participants engaged in active back and forth opinion exchange concerning the future of "river basin sciences" and "river basin conservation sciences." Lastly, staff members from the Takayama Field Station and the Joint Research Office of the center reported their activities. The seminar ended with closing remarks by Vice President Wang Zhigang (Academic Research, Industry-Academia Collaboration and Information).

The center continues to promote joint research projects with relevant community, and encourages all concerned to raise their awareness about river basin sciences by hosting seminars every year.

Image of seminar participants online
Professor Kagayama with a flower bouquet


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