Follow-up of COVID-19 case on December 8, 2020

It was learned that all three individuals who had close contact with the infected student were tested negative for PCR testing. Under instructions of public health center, three students are monitoring their own physical conditions for 14 days. We will continue to take every possible measure against the spread of COVID-19 infections.

*Gifu University has established COVID-19 Countermeasures Headquarters in order to prevent the infections by closely working with public health centers, etc. We remain committed to taking every precautious measure against COVID-19 infections.

For Inquiry
・Regarding classes, examinations, etc.: Student Affairs Section of each faculty
・Regarding class attendance, study and research activities, etc.: Student Affairs Division, Student Affairs Department 058-293-2133
・Regarding mental and physical health: Health Administration Center 058-293-2174
・Regarding PR activities: Public Relations Section, General Affairs Department 058-293-2009


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