COVID-19 case was confirmed on campus

It was learned that on Monday, November 30, 2020, one Gifu University student was infected with COVID-19. We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation for our university policy not to reveal the student's identity to respect the student's and his/her family's human rights and protect their privacy.

The case was immediately reported to the public health center and other relevant organizations, and we have confirmed that no one came close contact with the student on campus. In addition, every possible preventive measure has already been taken to contain the spread of the infections on campus.

*Gifu University has established COVID-19 Countermeasures Headquarters in order to prevent the infections by closely working with public health centers, etc. We remain committed to taking every precautious measure against COVID-19 infections.

For Inquiry
・Regarding classes, examinations, etc.: Student Affairs Section of each faculty
・Regarding class attendance, study and research activities, etc.: Student Affairs Division, Student Affairs Department 058-293-2133
・Regarding mental and physical health: Health Administration Center 058-293-2174
・Regarding PR activities: Public Relations Section, General Affairs Department 058-293-2009


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