Gifu University received the 29th Grand Prize for Global Environment Award

Gifu University received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award of the 29th Grand Prize for Global Environment Award* presented by Fujisankei Communications Group, but the awarding ceremony was cancelled because of the novel coronavirus infections this year. The winning team members visited the Office of the President and reported their acceptance of the award certificate and trophy to President Hisataka Moriwaki.

The president praised their awarding who said, "Gifu University has long been committed to promoting research on the environment since its declaration of "Environmental University," and I strongly hope that the latest award will further propel our endeavors for environmental conservation."

Under the declaration of "Environmental University" in 2009, Gifu University concluded the "Industry-Government-Academia Agreement on Realization of Hydrogen Energy Based Society" with Gifu Prefecture and three private enterprises in 2016. The conclusion of this agreement led to an establishment of Gifu Renewable Energy System Research Center (Gifu University) in 2018. The center introduced Japan's first "Local Production for Local Consumption Energy System in Hilly and Mountainous Areas ("Regional Revitalization Gifu Model")" for practical applications in society at large in a collaboration effort involving industries, government and academia. The center continues to promote this innovative Gifu Model, and has been striving to create the best energy management systems consisting of power generation by renewable energies, artificial intelligence, hydrogen technologies and electronic cars, etc. The center's strenuous efforts to protect environmental well-being have resulted in Gifu University's wining of the award.

We hope that the 29th global environment award will become a strong incentive for Gifu University to pursue further development of new energy management systems for the future.

(from right) President Moriwaki, Specially Appointed
Professor Shuichi Nonomura, Professor Yoshinori Itaya,
Director of Gifu Renewable Energy System Research
Center, Mr. Toyama, CEO of Seiryu Power Energy CO.,
Ltd., Vice President Matsuda Noriaki, (General Affairs and
Finance), and Mr. Tetsuma Murase from Environmental
Affairs Office, Gifu University
At the Office of the President

Global Environment Award: The Global Environment Award recognizes companies and organizations that undertake initiatives to preserve the environment or prevent global warming, with the goal of promoting harmony with industrial development and the global environment. The award goes to enterprises, local municipalities, schools and citizen organizations which are contributing to the development of eco-friendly technologies/goods, environmental conservation activities, etc. Global Environment Award.

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