Gifu University Original Goods Design Competition Awarding Ceremony

On Wednesday, November 11, 2020, Gifu University hosted "Gifu University Original Goods Design Competition Awarding Ceremony.

Gifu University has been creating a number of unique, original goods to publicize Gifu University as a regional revitalization "hub" to the public. We invited the university students, staff, and the students of Gifu University Faculty of Education Affiliated Compulsory School System (Elementary - Junior High) to offer their designs for new university goods. A total of 50 ideas were submitted, and four were selected as the best design awards. These four students attended the awarding ceremony, and were presented the certificate of commendation and commemorative gifts. The following are the names of winners:

Highest Award

- Ms. Anna Kawai, 4th year student of the Faculty of Engineering

Award of Excellence

- Ms. Yuka Ohshima, 3rd year student of the Faculty of Education


- Ms. Nanako Noda, 3rd year student of the Faculty of Regional Studies

- Ms. Ayano Kitamura, 2nd year student of the Faculty of Education

On behalf of Gifu University, Vice President Toru Iwama (Public Relations and Regional Medicine), gave the following congratulatory message; "We would like to produce new university goods marked with excellent designs of yours. We are so grateful for your efforts to create unique designs which are showcasing your affections and expectations for Gifu University and Gifu Prefecture." He and Presidential Advisor Tsutomu Nakagawa presented individual winners the letter of commendation and commemorative gifts. Later, they spoke about the concepts, thoughts, etc. of their designs. Ms. Kawai, the winner of the highest award commented, "More than three years have already passed since my enrollment in Gifu University. I tried to reflect my image about the university on my design. I highlighted the beautiful nature of the university by using orange color (orange is the university color) with the red-bricked University Library as a strong contrast. As I created this design for casual use, I hope many people enjoy the goods."

We continue disseminating our activities to the public in order to fulfil our major mission of regional revitalization.

Awarding Ceremony

Group photo (from right) Vice President Iwama,
Ms. Kitamura, Ms. Ohshima, Ms. Kawai, Ms. Noda, and
Presidential Advisor Nakagawa

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