Workshop at Gifu University Faculty of Education Affiliated Compulsory School System

On Friday, October 23, 2020, a unique workshop opened at a special-needs class at Gifu University Faculty of Education Affiliated Compulsory School System (Elementary - Junior High). President Hisataka Moriwaki and Vice President Noriaki Matsuda (General Affairs and Finance, Director of Administration) of Gifu University attended the workshop via "Zoom" (video communications technology).

As one of its unique features, Gifu University Faculty of Education Affiliated Compulsory School System offers special-needs classes to students at every grade (1st through 9th year students). The class curriculum includes workshops to support students' independence and community participation. From 5th year through 9th year students are engaged in three different types of work; printing, woodwork and sewing. On October 23, students in a printing group received an order of business cards from the president and vice president.

Before the workshop, fewer orders have been placed from outside the school, and of course, online order (from the president and vice president) was the first in the school history. Firstly, six students in the printing group were asked their names from the president and vice president one by one, and then started communications online. At first, students looked nervous, but while talking to the two, they came to realize whom they will be working for (i.e. making business cards for them).

Students made many simple questions through the screen, and at the end of the workshop, one student asked, "Who are you going to give your card to?" This question could be attributed to the back and forth active communications between students and the president and vice president.

"We give our cards to visitors to Gifu University. The beauty of business cards is that by simply showing the cards, for example, people will realize that there is a printing group at school." said Mr. Matsuda. After hearing his comment, students looked determined to make something new and unique to impress receivers of the cards. They must have been imagining the real card exchanging scenes in their minds.

This unique workshop motivated the students to create business cards that could truly benefit the users.

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