Online Chat Meeting with Students of Partner Universities

As part of the "2020 International Month," Gifu University hosted an "Online Chat Meeting with Students of Partner Universities" from Wednesday, October 14 through Thursday, October 29, 2020. This online meeting was designed to offer Gifu University students and students of our overseas partner universities an opportunity to mingle and build a new friendship with one another. Online communications technologies today have made it possible for everyone to engage in this kind of opinion-exchange real time, and have been proved beneficial particularly in these days when we are facing a strict travel ban imposed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

With teaching staff as moderators, there were a total of 7 online meetings with four partner universities (University of Alberta (Canada), Northern Kentucky University (U.S.), University of Lille (France), and Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania)). Prior applications from Gifu University students reached 90, and we received 82 applications from the partner universities. The students joined the meetings in the order of their applications (first-come, first-served basis).

In the meetings, after their self-introductions, participants were divided into small groups and enjoyed talking about their campus life, food culture, etc. both in Japanese and English.

"I would like to improve my English skills more to enjoy conversations," said one of the Gifu University students after the meeting. A student from one partner university also commented; "My attendance at the meeting really inspired me to study Japanese harder than ever."

It is our strong wish that this first online chat meeting marks a first step forward further development of faculty and student exchange with our overseas partner universities in the future.

Participants of online chat meeting

University of Alberta
Northern Kentucky University
University of Lille
Vytautas Magnus University


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