International Joint Webinar on "Recent Advances in Translational Research in Food Science and Technology" held on October 16, 2020 (World Food Day)

To mark the occasion of World Food Day (16th October 2020), an International Joint Webinar (IJW) was organized at the Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Guwahati, India in collaboration with GIFU University, Japan. The date also commemorates with the 75th anniversary of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). With a broad consensus with the FAO theme, the theme of the IJW has been chosen as 'Recent Advances in Translational Research in Food Science and Technology'. The webinar aims to promote industry-academia interaction.

About 390 people has registered to this Webinar. Academic and applied knowledge in the field of translational food science and technology was presented in this Webinar. The participants discussed with the speakers about the ideas for the translational technology. In the Valedictory Session, the organizer proposed to have the next Webinar on Food Science and Technology in 2021.

Participants of Webinar


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