The 5th ICCC 2020: "Lessons Learn from Covid-19 Pandemic for Climate Change Adaption and Mitigation Strategies"

On Thursday, September 24, 2020, the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science (UGSAS) hosted The 5th ICCC* 2020: "Lessons Learn from Covid-19 Pandemic for Climate Change Adaption and Mitigation Strategies." This conference was jointly conducted online (via Zoom) with the following co-hosting universities and organizations;

・Universitas Sebelas Maret (Indonesia)

・Udayana University (Indonesia)

・Waterpedia (The Netherlands)

・Indonesia Expert Network for Climate Change and Forestry (APIKI/Indonesia)

・The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC /Germany)

On behalf of UGSAS, Gifu University, Professor Ken Hiramatsu, UGSAS Dean and Assistant Professor Takashi Tanaka attended the conference. Professor Hiramatsu gave an opening address and Assistant Professor Tanaka delivered a keynote speech titled, "Changes in Food Distribution & Responses in the Midst of Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic." In the conference, in addition to eight keynote speakers, approximately 190 people made presentations at the online parallel sessions where participants actively engaged in discussions in their respective fields of research.

Professor Hiramatsu giving his opening remarks
Assistant Professor Tanaka delivering his keynote speech

From its founding, ICCC members keep on monitoring the impacts of climate change on human life and the environment, pursuing ways to reduce and mitigate these impacts. In the 5th ICCC conference, participants discussed climate change issues from various viewpoints such as the environment, agriculture, laws, society, economy and culture. They also shared their thoughts about possible impacts on climate change by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

The activities of ICCC have been compiled into the form of research papers, and 117 papers have been submitted for publications so far. Of them, 92 papers are to be published by IOP**, 7 papers by Journal of Sains Tanah, 5 papers by Indonesian Journal of Geography, 2 papers by Indonesian Journal of Biotechnology, 6 papers by Agrivita Journal and 5 papers by RAS*** soon. It is our hope that ICCC successful achievements could further accelerate the advancement of climate change research by scholars and engineers in the future.

ICCC*: International Conference on Climate Change

IOP**: Institute of Physics

RAS***: Reviews in Agricultural Science, an online journal started by UGSAS in 2013.


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