Video-Sharing Nohgaku Workshop for International and Japanese Students 2020

On July 15, 2020, the Center for Japanese Language and Culture, Gifu University Organization for Promotion of Glocalization (GU-GLOCAL) held "Video-Sharing Nohgaku Workshop for International and Japanese Students 2020." Six students (Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course) and two students (Japanese Society and Culture Program) attended the workshop.

The Center for Japanese Language and Culture has been hosting Nohgaku (Noh and Kyogen) workshops since 2005 by inviting professional Nohgaku actors. However, in 2020, out of our grave concerns about COVID-19 crisis, the number of participants for the workshop was limited, and four invited instructors gave instructions to the students through the screen (they were: Mr. Madoka Mikata and Mr. Hiromichi Tamoi, who perform Noh as main actors called "shite" in Kanze School, and Mr. Chuzaburo Shigeyama and Mr. Kodo Yamaguchi both of whom are Kyogen performers in Okura School).

The video-sharing workshop proved to be just as good as the workshops held in the past. The four instructors took turns introducing the students history of Nohgaku, different moves and different masks used by Noh and Kyogen actors, Kyogen's "big laughter," kimono-wearing for Noh stage as well as a short Noh performance and "Neongyoku" performance (Kyogen).

All international students who attended the workshop are going back to their home countries this summer. It is quite unfortunate for them not to be able to attend activities and events planned for them by the Center. They were canceled from March this year in fear of spread of COVID-19 pandemic. In this respect, we sincerely hope that the students' attendance of video-sharing Nohgaku Workshop will become one of their unforgettable memories about Japan and the people of Japan.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation to the instructors who kindly offered our students an invaluable opportunity to learn Nohgaku. We wish that the Center's original, unique experience-oriented workshop can resume from next year onward.

Students watching the screen
Instructors on the screen and students


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