U・TOPIA LAND Annex (Gifu University-designated student dormitory) has opened for students

Gifu University designated U・TOPIA LAND Annex (operated by U・TOPIA GROUP) as a student dormitory in 2018, and has started to offer students safe and comfortable living environment in 2020 near the campus.

Gifu University and U・TOPIA GROUP concluded a Memorandum of Understanding to secure and provide residence for international and Japanese students studying in Gifu University. We hope that this newly opened dormitory ensures safe and fulfilling campus life of our students.

岐阜大学指定寮U・TOPIA LAND 別館外観
U・TOPIA LAND Annex exterior
岐阜大学指定寮U・TOPIA LAND別館 間取り
U・TOPIA LAND Annex layout


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