"From Salamanca Hall: Gift of Music to Everyone" is put on the air by CCN

"From Salamanca Hall: Gift of Music to Everyone" is broadcast by the Cable Communication Nagaragawa or CCN.
・Channel 12 (digital terrestrial television broadcasting)
・Program Title: "Channel CCN Special"
・Date of Broadcasting: Sunday, May 24, 2020 through Friday, June 5, 2020
・Time of Broadcasting:

 21:00~  15:00~ 10:00~
Salamanca Hall, Gifu City, hosted a music concert but allowed no spectators in the hall because of concerns about COVID-19 (music activities are still restricted in Japan). Eight groups of world-renowned artists played music. Associate Professor Kenichi Konno and Associate Professor Kumiko Nakata from the Course of Music, Faculty of Education, Gifu University joined the performance. Channel CCN is accessible by CCN cable television services subscribers.

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