Start of Gifu University Fund for Living Expenses Application

May 11, 2020

To Gifu University Students:

Hisataka Moriwaki
President of Gifu University    

Emergency Project against COVID-19 Infections: Student Support Plan
Payment of Gifu University Fund for Living Expenses

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections in Japan and abroad, Gifu University prohibits students' entry into the university, conducts remote classes through ICT (Information and Communication Technology) only, and gives no permission to any extracurricular activities on campus in line with the Gifu University Guideline for COVID-19. We are fully aware that the university students are going through unprecedented difficult situations unfolding on and off campus for many days. It is also very unfortunate that the newly enrolled students have started their campus life without attending the entrance ceremony in April.

With the state of emergency declarations still remain in place in many prefectures and regions, and the infections are taking a heavy toll on the nation's economy, many Gifu University students are suffering financially by their difficult family situations or fewer part-time work opportunities. It is imperative for Gifu University to help students in an economic quandary to enjoy their academic life here at Gifu University.

As we believe that students living away from their families are particularly hit hardest by a sudden, sharp economic downturn, Gifu University has decided to start its unique "Student Support Plan" by which students who are living away from their families, are provided the fund for living expenses, so that they can focus on their studies or research activities, and do not have to give up their dreams for the future.

Please confirm the following terms and conditions for fund application. If you want to apply, please access AIMS-Gifu, enter necessary information to the platform and send before the deadline.

1. Eligible Students
 Gif University students (full-time students) and research students who will meet the
 following conditions:
1) Students/research students who are living away from their family residence at the time of
 application (dormitory residents included)
2) Students/research students who are not receiving grant-type scholarship payments from Gifu
 University, public (such as governments) or private organizations, etc. in time of application.
*i) "Gifu University Students" are defined as "full-time students enrolled in faculties/graduate
 schools of Gifu University." "Research Students" are defined as "undergraduate or graduate
 school research students with "student" visa."
*ii) "Those who are living away from their family residence" are defined as "those who need to
 pay rent and who do not live with their families (parents or guardians)."
*iii) "Gifu University Support" refers to the university's "Scholarship for Students with Excellent
 Academic Performance." Support from public organizations (including governments) refers to
 support for government-financed international students, international students sent from
 foreign governments, recruitment by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
 Fellows, and support from the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

2. Number of Recipients
 President of Gifu University determines the number of recipients.

3. Amount of Payment
 The amount of payment is 30,000 yen per person. One student/research student can receive the payment only once during the application period shown at 6.

4. Screening Process
 President of Gifu University finalizes recipients after screening of individual application.

5. Application Procedure
 Please access "AIMS-Gifu", enter all necessary information to the platform and click "send."
  (AIMS-Gifu → Student Support → Application Forms → Address Change → 
  Fund for Living Expenses Application)

6. Application Period
 From Monday, May 11, 2020 through Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

7. Method of Payment
 After finalization of payments, bank transfer is made to registered bank accounts of applicants
 (bank account used by Gifu University to pay travel expenses, remunerations for the services
 as TA, RA or SA).
 Those who do not have registered bank accounts:
1) If an applicant agrees with a bank transfer to a registered bank account, the fund is
 transferred to the account.
2) If an applicant disagrees with a bank transfer to a registered bank account, he/she needs to
 report his/her bank account to Gifu University for registration. Application screening is
 conducted on "first-come, first-served" basis.

8. Date of Payment
 It will usually take around 18 days for the fund to be transferred to an individual bank
 account. The deadline for the payment in May is 3:00 p.m., Thursday, May 14, 2020 and the
 fund is transferred to the bank on Friday, May 29, 2020.

9. Other Information
 Please note that we may ask your use of fund at a later date. If there are any irregularities
 found in application and fund receiving processes, Gifu University requests students/research
 students to return the fund, and will take necessary disciplinary measures in line with the Gifu
 University Student Disciplinary Rules and Regulations.

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