Valor and V Drug Overseas Training Scholarship Report Session

Since 2014, Gifu University has been providing students "Valor and V Drug Overseas Training Scholarship" thanks to the generous donations from Valor Holdings and Valor Drug Store (V Drug). Its purposes are to help graduate students take courses for credits and engage in research activities at universities or institutions overseas.

The three scholarship beneficiaries visited the office of Valor Holdings Co., Ltd. on March 2, 2020. They were:

- Mr. Hiroyuki Hattori (2nd year of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science)

- Mr. Hidetoshi Naganawa (2nd year of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science)

- Ms. Mayu Sakurai (1st year of the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology)

At the University of Alberta, Canada, Mr. Hattori worked on organic synthesis of spice extract found at West Africa tropical regions. Mr. Naganawa researched samples of ancient tadpole shrimps (created more than a century ago) and a wide range of shellfish specimens exhibited/housed at the museum of natural history in Hungary. At Vytautas Magnus University, the Republic of Lithuania, Ms. Sakurai studied social dynamics focusing on transition of demography in Europe. All three made their research presentations before Mr. Masami Tashiro, President of Valor Holdings.

"I am so glad to know that our scholarship helped the three excellent students spend valuable time on their studies and research overseas."

Through various financial support and assistance, Gifu University continues to help students pursue their dreams and ambitions for their careers and success in the future.

Meeting with the president


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