Associate Professor Yohei Miwa's research theme adopted by JST

The research theme "Development of High Performance Polymeric Materials via Dynamic Ionic Crosslinks" by Associate Professor Yohei Miwa of the Faculty of Engineering was selected one of eleven research themes in the category of Nanoengineering on Mechanical Functions of Materials for the 2019 Precursory Research for Embryonic Science and Technology (PRESTO) of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). His research will be conducted for the next three years and six months under PRESTO.

*PRESTO aims to promote fundamental research in fields where a strategic focus has been placed, as a part of a system that promotes innovations leading to social and economic revolution, as well as generating new innovative technology that leads to the development of scientific technology and the creation of new industries.

Associate Professor Miwa also works for the Gu Composites Center, Gifu University. The Center was established in April 2018. As a material engineering and manufacturing research center, the Gu Composites Center carries out a great variety of composite material research programs and projects, ranging from molecular aggregates to fiber and resin composites. The Center has established a pioneering, unique research organization that integrates material chemistry, biochemistry, mechanical engineering, and even medicine, to achieve production process of diversified products in small quantities through the concept of "Tailored Materials & Design." It enables the center to develop lightweight parts for aircraft and automobiles as well as composite materials used in medical applications in the human body.

With the latest selection of Associate Professor Miwa's research theme by JST, the center is expected to attain many more successful achievements in the fields of material engineering and manufacturing.


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