Gifu University and FC Gifu Partner Agreement for Environmental Conservation Activities

Gifu University hosted the environment mini lecture and workshop titled "Break a ball loose! Cartesian Diver" and "Pinwheel" at the Gifu Memorial Center Nagaragawa Stadium (Gifu City) on August 25, 2019. These events were conducted under the Gifu University and FC (Football Club) Gifu Partner Agreement for Environmental Conservation, and in time of opening of soccer matches in Gifu.

A total of 68 elementary school students attended the events. They learned about the plastic waste problems and took part in a handicraft making session. These events were held for the first time this year whose objective is to raise people's awareness of the environmental issues that people around the world are sharing their concerns about and tackling together.

Professor Osamu Sakurada of the Faculty of Engineering hosted the environment mini lecture: "Let's think about the environment in terms of waste." The participants studied and exchanged their opinions about the volume of household waste, carbon dioxide emitted from incineration as well as disposal methods. The university staff and students assisted the participants in their making of Cartesian diver (floating and sinking demonstration tool) and pinwheels out of used plastic bottles. Children in particular looked very happy with their handicraft works and enjoyed this unique environment education opportunity.

Gifu University continues to partner with FC Gifu to address environmental problems and promote conservation in years to come.

Environment Mini Lecture by Professor Sakurada
Scene of the session
Children making Cartesian divers
Children playing with pinwheels


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