Presentation of Entrepreneurship Programs at Gifu Business Enhancement & Partnership Meeting

Associate Professor Masayuki Uehara, Head of Industry-Academia Collaboration Division, Organization for Research and Community Development, Gifu University gave his speech at the Gifu Business Enhancement & Partnership Meeting held on August 9, 2019. The title of speech was; "Production of Entrepreneurs and Startups from Universities: for creation of entrepreneurship in the Tokai Region."


The Gifu Business Enhancement & Partnership Meeting consists of 36 organizations which include almost all financial institutions and business supporting bodies within Gifu Prefecture. The meeting is held once a year with a view to fostering startups, introducing better business practices for medium-and-small sized enterprises, and developing platforms for business revitalization. Through this annual meeting, the participants aim to bolster the ties with partner organizations, and promote smooth application of shared information and expertise to support for entrepreneurs, to improvement of business practices and to revitalization of local industries.


While quoting some specific examples, Associate Professor Uehara introduced Gifu University's ongoing "entrepreneur fostering projects" and "infrastructure support for venture businesses born out of universities." In the "entrepreneur fostering projects," Mr. Uehara talked about the history and background of Tongali Project (participated by five national universities in the Tokai Region), its policy for producing ideal personnel, educational programs and the achievements so far. In addition, he mentioned some of entrepreneur supporting seminars and lectures already implemented to foster the future entrepreneurs. These are jointly organized and hosted by Gifu University and its regional partners. Lastly, Mr. Uehara touched on the business idea competition called, "Gifu Business Idea Presentation," which invites participation by students living in Gifu.

Gifu University continues to contribute to activation of local communities and creation of new businesses by producing young entrepreneurs and innovators in conjunction with local business entities with a broad range of startup support programs.


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