Company Tour for International Students

The Gifu University Organization for Promotion of Glocalization (GU-GLOCAL) and Juroku Bank co-hosted a company tour as part of the Career Development Program for International Students on July 12, 2019. Eight international students (six from Gifu University, one from Meijo University and one from Nanzan University) visited Ichimaru Pharcos, Co., Ltd. (Motosu City, Gifu Prefecture) and Yabashi Holdings Co., Ltd. (Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture).

In Ichimaru Pharcos, after the greeting by President Yoshihiko Ando, the three employees shared information, and provided advice for the students from their own experiences of studying abroad and job-hunting: Mr. Arunasiri Iddamalgoda, Executive Corporate Officer, Research and Development, International Division (a Gifu University graduate), Mr. Kazal Boron Biswas, Leader, Research & Development Department,and Mr. Ryo Nishiyama, Leader, International Division. Mr. Iddamalgoda later guided the students to the Development Division and introduced them the company's products: cosmetics made of natural ingredients, health food and R&D activities for the development of new product brands.

In Yabashi Holdings, First, President Tatsuyoshi Yabashi gave the students a welcome speech, which was followed by his summary on the company operations for the students. He said that Yabashi Holdings has 16 branch offices (10 in Japan and 6 abroad (Vietnam, Myanmar, South Korea and Singapore) and its business motto is "Explore Individual Talent." He explained the company's ultimate goal of 100% resource use by its own technologies. Later, the students inspected Yabashi Technical Center (Tarui Town, Gifu Prefecture) and Yabashi Otomezaka Factory (Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture) and listened to the staff explaining how to use the process machines assembled and completed by the company, as well as their efforts to enhance the levels of technologies, and high productivities supported by strong enthusiasms of individual workers.

In both companies, the students were quite active in making questions, and all the staff looked happy to answer the questions. Their close communications helped both know and understand more with each other. The questionnaire results showed the students' sense of satisfaction. Some of them read; "I was able to understand what kind of human resources are most needed by Japanese businesses." "I would like to work for either of the two companies in the future." All the participants are expressing their high hopes for another opportunity to join the tour company in the near future.

安藤 芳彦 氏の挨拶
President Ando of Ichimaru Pharcos giving his speech
Group photo at Ichimaru Pharcos
Group photo at Yabashi Holdings
矢橋 龍宜 氏の挨拶
President Yabashi giving his speech


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