The 3rd ICCC 2018: A Green Paperless Collaboration Conference Between Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia and UGSAS, Gifu University, Japan

The United Graduate School of Agricultural Science (UGSAS) and Sebelas Maret University (Indonesia) co-hosted "The 3rd ICCC 2018: A Green Paperless Collaboration Conference Between Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia and UGSAS, Gifu University, Japan" in Solo, Indonesia on November 27 and 28, 2018. Its theme was "Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: Learning from the Past for Sustainable Strategy Development."

At the outset of the conference, Assistant Professor Isao Hirota, Associate Professor Keigo Noda (both from UGSAS), and Professor Dr. Vita Ratri Cahyani from Sebelas Maret University gave keynote speeches. The following invited guests gave presentations on ongoing climate change's possible impacts on the planet and measures from their own perspectives:

- Prof. Dr. Hidayat Pawitan from Bogor Agricultural University (Indonesia)

- Prof. Dr. Kurniatun Hairiah from Brawijaya University (Indonesia)

- Prof. Dr. Meine Van Noordwijk from Wageningen University (the Netherlands)

- Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zafarullah Khan from University of Peshawar (Pakistan)

Approximately 250 people attended this two-day conference.

Members of the conference have been monitoring potential effects on humans and the environment by climate change since the opening of first conference, and they continue their efforts to stave off any predicted damages inflicted by such change to the Earth. Their research results so far have been compiled in seventy-five papers. In the 3rd conference, people discussed problems and challenges posed by climate change from the dimensions of environment, agriculture, law, society, economy and culture.

Viewing the papers is now available on the internet, and have been registered by Scopus database.

As part of global warming prevention endeavors, no papers were used or distributed during the 3rd conference. Information on this conference is available through Google Play and Apple Store, and the conference related materials can be downloaded from the conference website. The 3rd ICCC 2018 conference offered people a venue for active information exchange, and the participants took full advantage of the new paper-less system introduced to the conference for the first time.

Everyone hopes that this annual international conference contributes to a great expansion of research on climate change by researchers, scholars and engineers for days to come.

Assitant Professor Noda making a presentation
Assistant Professor Hirota making a presentation
Award ceremony for keynote speakers  
Vice President of Sebelas Maret University and keynote speakers


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