The 6th International Workshop of UGSAS-GU-Crop Production and Productivity under Global Climate Change-

The United Graduate School of Agricultural Science (UGSAS) opened the 6th International Workshop of UGSAS-GU: "Crop Production and Productivity under Global Climate Change" at the University of Lampung (Indonesia: a member of IC-GU12*) on December 3 and 4, 2018. This workshop started in 2014 for the purpose of university's internationalization and active interchange with local industries.

On December 3, research presentations were made in four different sessions.

In the first session, Prof. Dr. RA Bustomi Rosadi who is in charge of the workshop operation, introduced the background and history of the workshop. It was followed by the opening speeches by Prof. Dr. Hasriadi Mat Akin, Rector of the University of Lampung, and Prof. Dr. Irwan S. Banuwa, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture (also the University of Lampung). Professor Masateru Senge, UGSAS Dean expressed his appreciation for the contribution from everyone concerned to the workshop. He also had the honor of declaring the opening of the workshop.

In the second and fourth sessions, the following guest speakers gave keynote speeches:

- Assc. Director Supriyono Loekito, Guava & Other Fresh Fruits Plantation, Great Giant Foods (GGF)

- UGSAS Associate Professor Teruaki Shimazu

- UGSAS Assistant Professor Takashi Tanaka

- UGSAS Assistant Professor Keigo Noda

- Dr. Dwi Hapsoro, University of Lampung

- Dr. Agstini MS, Head, Agric. Service, Lampung City

In the third session, twenty-four speakers including Dr. Ahmad Tusi MR from UGSAS gave research presentations in three parallel sessions. An active question and answer session followed.

In closing, Professor Ken Hiramatsu, UGSAS Vice-Dean (for international affairs) wrapped up the workshop, which signaled a huge success of the workshop with the participation of approximately 200 people. Later, the participants attended the gathering held at the Lampung City Hall building and exchanged opinions with the city mayor over the future alliance with Gifu City.

Group photo
Speech by Rector Hasriadi Mat Akin

On December 4, the Gifu University delegates visited Great Giant Foods (GGF: 2 hour-drive from the center of Lampung City) and inspected the research field escorted by Assc. Director Supriyono Loekito. They were also invited to observe a pine apple processing factory and banana packing house there. They later got briefed on the current status of the company which possesses a large-scale plantation equipped with a biogas electricity generation facility. The delegates discussed the possibility of government-academic collaboration in problem-solving and future joint initiatives.

Inspection at GGF

IC-GU12*: "International Consortium of Universities in South and Southeast Asia for the Doctoral Education in Agricultural Science and Biotechnology", which was created at the initiative of Gifu University.

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