The 35th Gifu Symposium: "Immerse Yourself in Gifu University Art & Culture"

President Hisataka Moriwaki giving an opening speech 

The 35th Gifu Symposium: "Immerse Yourself in Gifu University Art & Culture" was held on campus on November 4, 2018.

In the opening ceremony, the tune composed by the teaching staff of music education course, the Faculty of Education, "Minori: from Gujo Song to Gifu University Song," was performed. The tune was created to celebrate the university's 70th anniversary next year, and was sung by the staff and alumni in the accompaniment of horns, cellos and piano.

Campus Artwork booklet

In the first session of the symposium entitled "Gifu University's Works of Art," the teaching staff of art education course made comments on the art works on display within campus from their professional points of views. It was later announced that all information and imagery of works of art were compiled into one booklet.

In the second session of "Gifu University's Present and Future," research presentations and a symposium were held. In the presentations, speakers introduced the Gifu University's archive initiative, universal design, and campus reform projects based on their studies and analyses, all of which are designed to create a better future of the university. In the symposium titled, "Future of Gifu University," the invited guest speakers discussed their views on the future of Japanese universities from their own points of views.

When all events was over, the screening results for new name given to Gifu University sake were announced. They were: "Tabono-haru (spring full of ambitions) Gizan" and "Tabono-haru Kyokufu" and will be served on the occasion of 70th anniversary celebration.

On the day of symposium, people enjoyed observing a miniature model of Gifu University created on the basis of its future images and reform projects, as well as works of art made by the teaching staff, students, graduate students and alumni which accompany the messages of creators.

The 35th Gifu Symposium had successfully disseminated the current and future visions of Gifu University to people both inside and outside campus by providing them an opportunity to immerse themselves to art and culture, and share their thoughts on the ideal image of university for the future.

Symposium "Future of Gifu University"
Works of art on display


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