The 70th Gifu University Festival

The Gifu University Festival is independently organized and managed by the university students for the purpose of communicating their studies, research work, and cultural and sports club activities to the public. It aims to create opportunities for students to review their studies and activities with the community and make progress for the future.

The 70th Gifu University Festival was held from October 25 - 28, 2018, and it turned out to be a huge success blessed with the wonderful weather. The theme of the festival was "Finally - the Greatest University Festival Ever in the Heisei Era." The message behind this is, "We enliven people's spirit until the very end just like the legend diva did so before giving up her career at the end of the Hesei Era. Never stop working until the final moment." This truly represents the can-do spirit of every member of the Gifu University Festival Committee.

Many university students joined to organize and operate various events and activities for the festival. They were: performances on stage, comedy live shows, indoor exhibitions, flea markets and sales of agricultural produce freshly harvested from the university farms. Gifu University looked completely different from the campus we know during the festival.

A "Smoke Experience" was also open to the visitors against a fire as part of the university's natural disaster prevention drills.

Thank you very much for your visit to our university. See you in 2019.

Gifu University Yosakoi Dance Circle
International student booth
Scene of the festival
Agricultural products for sale harvested from the university farms
Flower sale
Fire prevention drill (smoke experience)


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