"Fuyugaki Club" Practical Training in Ono Town, Gifu Prefecture

The students studying the Regional Brands and Promotion (called "Fuyugaki Persimmon Club") course of the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences and Gifu University international students met the persimmon growers in Ono Town, Gifu Prefecture on October 24, 2018. This meeting started in 2015 as part of international exchange programs. A total of twenty-five students (three Japanese students, and international students from six countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand) took part in the meeting on October 24.

Thanks to the Ono Town Persimmon Producing Council*, the students had the opportunity to observe persimmon sorting lines and experience harvesting. After observing a series of processes from harvesting to shipping, the students were divided into six groups and baked persimmon pound cakes. While enjoying the cakes and tasting different types of persimmons such as "Soshyu," "Taishu" and "Wasefuyu," the students exchanged opinions with the growers and people engaged in production and shipping.

The students learned the rich variety of persimmons and their tastiness, and also became aware of the growers' diligent and tireless efforts for persimmon production and distribution.

The students studying in the course will keep on working for the development of new products using persimmons harvested in Ono Town.

*Ono Town Persimmon Producing Council: JA Ibigawa, Ono Town and Gifu Prefecture Regional Agriculture and Forestry Office

Students meeting the grower
Students meeting the grower
A student harvesting persimmons
A student harvesting persimmons


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