The Sixth Press Conference by the President in AY 2018

The Sixth press conference by the president in AY 2018 was held on September 19, 2018.

First, Gifu University President Hisataka Moriwaki explained the role of a newly developed Minimal English Test (MET) in Gifu University's Future Vision Toward 2025.

Next, Professor Hideki Maki, the MET developer (Faculty of Regional Studies) gave a presentation on his MET research results, and his new publication detailing the data he had compiled. The MET is the epitome of Professor Maki's sixteen years' tireless pursuance of quality English education for students.

The MET is a five-minute listening comprehension test. While listening to the CD, examinees fill in about 70 blank spaces with English words. All the questions are listed in a single piece of paper.


It is learned that the MET scores have relatively strong correlation with the TOEIC and STEP (Society for Testing English Proficiency: EIKEN) scores. The MET can be very beneficial to both the examiners and examiners. For instance, the MET takers do not have to spend long hours answering questions, which could motivate students to study hard. Examiners and educators on the other hand, will find it easy to prepare questions and assess students' English skills for a short space of time.

Professor Maki expressed his strong hope for the wide use of the MET for placement tests, company entrance examinations, seminars and workshops in the near future.

Gifu University will continue to provide its students with high-quality English education and endeavor to meet the real needs of the students.

President Moriwaki explaining the Gifu University's Future
Vision Toward 2025
METについて説明する地域科学部 牧 秀樹教授
Professor Maki speaking about the MET


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