Open Campus 2018

Gifu University held Open Campus 2018 on August 8 - 10, 2018. A total of 6,477 people attended.

Faculty staff introduced its courses and subjects, helped visitors take part in trial lessons and training sessions. They also offered people a facility tour, presented them an overview of university's entrance examination. University students volunteered to show people around the campus, held talks with visitors and invited them to see the university's underground water project. Many people showed a strong interest in the university's leading-edge research programs and campus activities by attending various events held for three days.

Thank you very much for your coming to Open Campus 2018.

At the School of Medicine
At the School of Medicine Nursing Course
At the Faculty of Regional Studies
At the Faculty of Education
At the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences
(Joint Department of Veterinary Medicine)
At the Laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering


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