Presentation by Students of Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course 2018

The Center for Japanese Language and Culture held a course completion presentation session at Gifu University Satellite Campus on August 5, 2018. The session was for the students who have completed the center's Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course, and the presentation themes were about their Japanese culture studies.

The international students study the course at the Center for Japanese Language and Culture of Gifu University from October to August the following year as state-funded students recommended by the embassies, their home universities, or as exchange students from Gifu University's oversea partner universities. To wrap up their studies, students write theses at the end of the course. The themes are chosen by students, and under the instructions of supervisors, and assisted by Japanese tutors (Gifu University students), they complete their theses.

A total of eight international students gave their presentations this year. They are from Austria, China, Hungary, South Korea and Thailand who are the 17th term students of the center.

University's teaching and administrative staff, Japanese and international students and citizens came to listen to the presentations. The students spoke about a comparison between Japanese culture and that of his/her home country by showing slides to the audience. When their speeches were over, each speaker took questions and tried their best to give answers to the questions in full detail. Active exchange with the audience also showed the students' successful accomplishments of their studies in Gifu University.

The students will attend the course completion ceremony scheduled on August 21. After returning to their countries, they will resume their studies in their home universities. Many of the students came back to Japan and continued their studies in the university's graduate schools or other universities, or find employment in Japan. We all look forward to seeing them again soon and wish them the very best in the future.

The followings are the names of speakers and the themes (in the order of making presentations):

・Ms. SUN YUXUAN (China)  "Status and Strategy of Convenience Stores in China - comparison to Japanese convenience stores expanding into Chinese market " 

・Ms. HELL FIONA SYDNEY KYRA (Austria)  "Elizabeth Unknown to Japanese - comparison between Vienna musicals and Takarazuka Revue in Japan"

・Ms. TANGPRABHAPORN PATTARAPORN (Thailand)  "Awareness of Japanese-English Words - analysis focusing on generation gap and language structure"

・Mr. TANG MIAO (China)  "Formation and Promulgation of Giovanni's Identity - observation of Night on the Galactic Railroad as a tale of maturity"

・Ms. KIM NAYEON (South Korea) "Pros and Cons of Tram in Daejeon - through comparison with Freiburg (Germany) and Gifu City (Japan)"

・Ms. ZHAO YUXI (China) "Observation of Chinese Students' Studying Japanese Unvoiced Plosive and Voiced Plosive -focusing on advanced learners"

・Mr. SABO DÁNIEL (Hungary) "Different Expressions for Apologies - comparison between Japanese and Hungarians"

・Ms. YI TONG (China) "Trends found in Japanese and Chinese Remake Dramas - focusing on Tokyo Women Guide and Beijing Women Guide"

Presentation on Status and Strategy of Convenience Stores in China
Presentation on Night on the Galactic Railroad
Presentation on Different Expressions for Apologies 
Group photo after their presentations


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